College Love Affair: Best Drake Moments With Kentucky Wildcats Basketball Team

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Drake Really Loves Boogie Cousins

Drake Demarcus Cousins

Source: Twitter @NotSteveTalley

Drake was very jubilant during Demarcus’ mini press conference. Also, if you recall, Drake shouted out Boogie on his mixtape, IYRTITL’s standout track, “6 Man.”

Drake Receiving A Championship Ring From The Wildcats

Drake Championship Ring

Source: Twitter / @JaeMacAttack

2012 was the year of Anthony Davis and he helped UK capture another championship with his dominant role in the middle. Because Drake is Drake, he was able to receive a ring for his fanfare and support.

Coach John Calipari Compares Drake to Michael Jackson

Drake with Coach John Calipari

Source: Twitter @cbcsports

There’s no question that Drake is the biggest rapper in the game right now. But, Kentucky coach John Calipari took things to a whole different level when he exclaimed how the 6 God was walking on Michael Jackson territory.

“I’m like, ‘This guy, if he makes it, I wanna see if he’ll change,’” Calipari said. “Grounded, the same guy, kind heart and then you find out like ‘Wow’, Michael Jackson talented, like megastar, has not changed.”