Come Home With Me: Top 10 Best Hip-Hop Cribs

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These hip-hop stars may have come from humble beginnings but now that they’re paid, they are spending very large amounts of their earnings on real estate. They are living lavishly and we love it.

Birdman Mansion 2

Click the slideshow button below to see how you’re favorite hip-hop stars are really living!

50 Cent’s Connecticut Mansion

50 Cent Mansion


50 Cent’s extravagant mansion in Connecticut is 50,000 square feet, boasts 52 rooms and was previously owned by Mike Tyson.

50 Cent Lake

With a lake in his backyard, there’s no need for Fif to ever leave his property. Balling!

50 Cent Pool

We can tell by the look on Fif’s face that this indoor pool and spa is his favorite room in the mansion. Must be nice!

Diddy’s Manhattan Pad

Diddy's Bachelor Pad

Diddy’s pad, located in a high rise condominium building in Manhattan includes a customized wet bar, entertainment center and glass piano. Oh you fancy, huh Diddy?

Diddy pad 3

Diddy’s eat-in kitchen is super chic with views of the New York City skyline.

Diddy Pad 4

Diddy’s gorgeous bedroom consists of this ultra-chic glass piano.

Diddy pad 5

Drake talks about views from the six. This is the real life thing!