Common Admits His Drake Fued Was Over Serena Williams

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While interviewing with VladTV, rapper Common gave some insight about what really sparked the verbal war between him and rapper Drake.

He admits it boiled down to none other than his ex girlfriend tennis player, Serena Williams. Common says he believed Drake might have shot some subs at him regarding this…

“For me, I think it was an emotional thing,. Meaning, I was feeling like, at that time I think it was the Drake/Serena situation. I didn’t know what was going on with that. I ain’t know if he was throwing things, shots at me. Like you know, this is my ex and you know we’re kinda going our separate ways — unfortunately the war might have been over a girl, even though at the time I never said that. But it wasn’t totally that, it was more or less, ‘Do you respect me? Because I actually like you as an artist.'”

Although before he stated it was all in the honor of hip hop, I think it’s now clear Common’s was a bit ‘Carl Thomas’ over Drake and Serena possibly having a fling.