Common Talks Drake/Serena Williams Relationship

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Drake and Serena Williams are starting to look like a new powerhouse couple in Hollywood. Whether it’s a shameless make-out session in a public restaurant or teenage flirting tendencies, Drizzy and his tennis player boo are gearing towards love as if a match was supposed to start. In case you forgot, both parties dated in the past, but had a fall-out.

While Drake and Serena Williams didn’t last, their short-lived relationship did spark hip hop beef. Common, who also dated Serena Williams in the past, wasn’t appreciate of his ex’s relationship with the Toronto rapper.

If you don’t remember, the Chicago native threw subliminal shots at Drake first on “Sweet” off of his The Dreamer/The Believer album.

Drake at New Look Wireless Festival – Day 1

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Next, the two sent back and forth shots at each other during radio interviews. Drake finally responded on wax by subbing his older counterpart all throughout his “Stay Schemin” verse, which became a record that dominated both the clubs and the streets. Common responded on the same beat with a lackluster response, leaving many to crown Drizzy victorious.

Nearly four years later, Common has chimed in on Drake and Serena Williams dating again. Surprisingly, he handled the situation with maturity and had nothing negative to say about the situation.

“As long as she happy, I’m good.”

Maybe he was just being smart to avoid taking another L on wax.

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