Cry Me a River: The Best Michael Jordan Crying Memes of All-Time

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Who would have thought that Michael Jordan’s legendary Hall of Fame speech would trigger so much humor? When number 23 was enshrined into the Hall of Fame back in in 2009, his speech was filled with hunger, ambition, and even resulted in him shedding several tears. Nobody thought back then that his tears of success and emotion would later be a driving vehicle for the funniest memes ever created by the Internet. Whenever a moment of anguish is at our front doors, Michael Jordan’s crying face is there to relieve us from all of our pain. We’ve watched several notable athletes fail and have their faces be plastered by the legendary meme. It’s all part of the game. Go ahead and click through to see some of the funniest MJ crying memes of all-time.

Check Out the Best Michael Jordan Memes of All-Time

Classic Michael Jordan Meme

Classic Michael Jordan Meme