Dabbing On Em: The Best NFL Touchdown Celebrations of All-Time

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Football is amazing for a number of reasons. For one, the physicality makes us smile. The fourth quarter comebacks makes our fingers tingle. Drool dribbles from our mouths every time we watch our favorite team stymie opposing offenses. We also love the touchdowns. The touchdowns illuminate our days. The dances? They’re just the proverbial cherry on top. Check out the best touchdown dances of all-time.

Cam Newton Dabbing

Credit: Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Check out the Best NFL Touchdown Dances of All-Time

Victor Cruz Doing the Salsa

Victor Cruz is proud of his hispanic heritage and isn’t afraid to embrace his culture. So when he pulled out his salsa moves after for his first touchdown, it became a staple of his.

Cam Newton Dabbin’

Cam Newton danced his way into history when he unleashed his newest dance move: The Dab. Haters, be mad!