Dee-1 Reveals Male Manager Tried to Sleep with Him

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Credit: Twitter @Dee1music

On Sunday, April 15, HipHopDX posted the latest episode of their ‘Soulful Sundays’ series. The episode featured an interview with New Orleans rapper Dee-1, who took the time to discuss his latest album, Slingshot David, and other details of his career as a rapper.

One of the more shocking revelations Dee-1 made during the interview is when he explains some lyrics he rapped on his track, “The Devil’s Playground”. The lyrics suggest that a male industry figure approached Dee-1 at one point in his career, and made an offer to manage him in exchange for sex. The lyrics, which are from the first verse of the track, are this:

“This man said if I slept with him he’ll manage me
Yeah, ya’ll know him
I spit in his face and said, ‘boy don’t play with me!’”

One of the first things Dee-1 mentions about the situation is that if you keep up with music, you’d be familiar with the name. Unsurprisingly, Dee-1 doesn’t drop any names, but he does give a little more explanation to the audience. When asked how a situation like that happens, Dee-1 explains:

Because somebody feel like they can play with you. When somebody feel like they can play with you, like you need them? It’s all about leverage in the music industry. Somebody feel like they have the leverage, like, ‘Oh, Dee-1 really wants to work with me. Dee-1 came all the way to this city. Dee-1 is actually crashing in my crib right now, because he don’t even have that much bread at the moment and I opened my doors to him… I got all the leverage! So Dee-1 really want me to work with him? You know what, I think I’m feeling myself today. I think I’ma try Dee-1.’ Literally bro, that’s how that type of stuff will happen.”

Dee-1 goes on to warn the audience that there are a lot of clowns in the rap game that will try to play you along the way, and makes a guarantee that he’s not the only person to go through an experience like that.

Aside from this scandalous encounter, Dee-1 also reveals in the interview that he has made it his goal to remove curse words from his vocabulary as an individual, as well as a rapper. He explained this after the interviewer noted that there was no “parental advisory” sticker on his Slingshot David album. “I got in this game to be different,” Dee-1 explains. “I’m just trying to be a better human being. I looked at the areas of my life where I wanted to improve, and one of them was alleviating cursing from of my vocabulary.”

Dee-1 says that once he mastered removing cursing from his everyday vocabulary, the change naturally transitioned into his raps. Instead of saying, “motherf**ker”, he’ll say “motherplucker”, and instead of “bulls**t”, he’ll say “bullskit”. HipHopMyWay will keep you posted if any other motherplucker comes at Dee-1 with that bullskit in the future.