Did Kendrick Lamar Diss Drake On Dr. Dre’s New Album?

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Kendrick Lamar and Drake are arguably the two rappers in the forefront of today’s generation. Many compare both rappers to this era’s Jay Z and Nas, citing their opposing mainstream and political lyrical content. Both parties first started out as friends and often collaborators, but things have turned sour since K. Dot released his future classic “Control” verse calling out all of his peers as competition.

Since then, both Kendrick Lamar and Drake have sent subliminal shots at each other in interviews and song lyrics. Over the past few weeks, Drizzy and Meek Mill were involved in rap beef, and the end result was the Toronto native straight up dominating the battle to the point where we’re considering all of his antics bullying. It looks like Kendrick Lamar is baiting Drake to a lyrical spar on Dr. Dre’s new album.

On the second verse of “Darkside/Gone,” Kendrick Lamar raps:
“You scared of my heist now/But still I got enemies giving me energy/I wanna fight now/Subliminals sending me all of this hate/I thought I was holding the mic down”

On “Deep Water,” Kendrick Lamar raps:
“They liable to bury him/They nominated six to carry him/They worry him to death but he no vegetarian/The beef is on his breath inheritin’ the drama better than a Great White/Nigga, this is life in my aquarium!”

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