Diddy Wants To Help Black Communities More

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Diddy is hip-hop’s wealthiest man of 2015 , but it looks like Combs has bigger goals moving forward. In an interview with Billboard, Puffy discussed race relations in America, marriage, music, Tidal and much more. Read our favorite quotes below and the full interview here.

You’ve been outspoken regarding the way the president handled Ferguson, what are your thoughts on Baltimore?

Diddy: Baltimore is something that people have to realize is not just something that is just occurring over this one tragedy. … The black community are the forgotten ones – just like people are in poverty all over this country, but especially the black community. So you have a lot of built-up frustration especially in the kids that see their future is bleak and they are being forgotten. People need to pay attention to that. … Something has to change soon.

You have the music, the clothes, and the scent, the vodka line; what else can you do?

It’s philanthropy. So for me, it’s what change can I make. So you were talking about Baltimore and Ferguson. As an African-American man, I have a responsibility in the future. I want to be able to do more things to affect change.