District Attorney Helps Set New Trial Date for Meek Mill

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Source: YouTube/Meek Mill

A new development in Meek Mill’s case: On the morning of Monday, April 16, the District Attorney’s Office of Philadelphia requested in court that Judge Genece Brinkley drop Meek Mill’s 2008 drug conviction, claiming that prosecutors in the case were fully aware that the arresting officer, Reginald Graham, was corrupt, but sat on the information.

The District Attorney’s Office has supported the release of Meek in the past, but this is the first time they’ve backed up their stance with court action that produced results.

According to TMZ, the D.A.’s Office says its position on Meek’s conviction “was taken due to serious issues regarding the credibility of the arresting officer in the case, Officer Reginald Graham. These issues, which only recently became public, have implications for dozens of cases where Graham was the arresting officer.”

A rally formed outside of the courthouse the same day as the hearing, chanting “free Meek Mill” and dancing, and singing along to Meek Mill songs outside of the D.A.’s office. At one point during the rally, an announcement was made that a new trial date for Meek may be coming soon. Although Judge Brinkley did not sign off on waiving the conviction, a new trial date was set for some time in June. Until then, Meek Mill will continue to serve his 2 to 4-year prison sentence.

Earlier this month, the District Attorney of Philadelphia backed Meek’s request to be released on bail, submitting a motion to the Supreme Court, according to Billboard. Not only has the District Attorney supported Meek in this case, but the governor of Pennsylvania Tom Wolf has as well, expressing his support via Twitter.

It seems as though the whole world is in support of the release of Meek Mill from prison, except for Judge Brinkley and the prosecution team. Not only was the arresting officer found to be known as corrupt, but Judge Brinkley has made questionable actions in the case in the past. For those that haven’t been following Meek Mill’s case from the jump, you can read up on the history of his current legal case here. We’ll keep you updated on Meek’s case as the situation develops.