DMX Fears Snapchat Filters In Light Of Woman Stealing His Watch

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DMX might be known for his completely rough and tough exterior, but the Ruff Ryder rapper definitely has a fearful side to him, and it’s over what you would never expect. No, the MC isn’t afraid of spiders, snakes, or natural disasters. He’s actually pretty afraid of the face swap filter on Snapchat, and the footage of this experience is probably the best thing you’ll ever watch. On top of it all, this comes in light of the rapper having his watch allegedly stolen from a woman, who is reportedly accusing him of sexual assault. At least he’s distracted for the time being.

dmx face swap

Source: Snapchat via Paige Hurd 

Watch DMX use the Snapchat face swap on the following pages.

DMX hates Snapchat filters

dmx snapchat

Source: Twitter @ComplexMusic

DMX was caught on actress Paige Hurd’s Snapchat when they were hanging out backstage at one of his shows. In the process, Paige decided to try out some of the filters on X, and his reaction was priceless. 

 The rapper was scared of the face swap

Once Paige put on the face swap filter, the rapper immediately freaked out at seeing Paige’s face on his, and vice versa. It’s safe to say he was not a fan. Later on in her story, we can hear DMX rapping along in the sped up filter, sounding like a chipmunk, with a shrunken head.