Do We Really Understand Why Foxy Brown Received the Key to Brooklyn?

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Foxy Brown Addresses The Media

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Foxy Brown hasn’t been in the limelight for a couple of years now, but this week, she resurfaced after she revealed that she was given the key to Brooklyn. Let that marinate for a second — Foxy Brown was given the key to Brooklyn. Not JAY Z. Not Fabolous. Foxy freakin’ Brown.

Last month, she participated in the Leaders of Tomorrow Brooklyn event, which featured several hip hop artists including Diggy Simmons and Joey Bada$$. The buxom Brooklyn rapper gloated about how she was the only female to receive the prestigious honor on her Instagram. “Wow!!!!!!!! Only ONE Chick Alone Got The “KEY” To Her HOME #BROOKLYN!!!!!!! It’s OFFICIAL! BK Is #MINE! #TheKEY”

What’s mind-boggling is that Brown hasn’t been on the radar for some time now. The last project she released was in 2008 in Brooklyn’s Don Diva. If our math is correct, that means she hasn’t released a project in over 8 years. Secondly, if the event is catered to the Leaders of Tomorrow, why is Brown even being mentioned since she plateaued in the 90’s? Hey, we’re not hating, we’re just simply curious. Check out IG post below. SHARE with your friends.