Do We Really Want a ‘Bad Boys 3’ Movie

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Will Smith & Martin Lawrence

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In the 90’s, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence were the go-to-guys in black television. Will was anchoring his show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, while Martin had things on lock with Martin. Then, the two decided to take their talents and pair up for a roller-coaster of a film in Bad Boys. The 1995 film combined sheer talent, comedy, and action.

The tandem easily won the audience over with their performances, as Michael Bay quarterbacked the movie. It grossed over a $141 million in the box office and won the hearts of many because of the stars’ seamless chemistry. Then, the duo teamed up again for the sequel eight years later in Bad Boys II. The sequel didn’t only crush the original movie’s box office success, it demolished it by earning over $270 million.

Over the years, rumblings about a possible third installment created a frenzy among fans. Then, last year, it was confirmed that Bad Boys 3 and 4 would be out. The only caveat was that Will wouldn’t be part of the fourth film. Now, with three apparently on the way 13 years later, do we really care to see Will and Martin go at it again?

Will Smith & Martin Lawrence

Source: Twitter / @BiGTiVi

Of course, we would love to see a Bad Boys 3! The first two were awesome. With a possible star-studded cast including the fixtures in Will and Martin, we can only imagine what Michael Bay has under his sleeves. Now, our biggest concern does come in the form of Martin.

He will be turning 51 this April and when he appeared 13 years ago in the sequel, he appeared a bit hefty. Will has always been in great shape, and after just participating in filming the Suicide Squad, he’ll be good to go. But, if Martin is physically prepared to lay the smackdown on some more bad guys. We’re definitely up for another joyride with Miami’s finest.

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