Do We Really Want a Drake & J.Cole Tour?

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Drake J.Cole

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Seeing Drake & J.Cole is like watching LeBron and KD team up together. So, when rumors sparked about two of rap’s heavyweights possibly joining forces and going on tour this summer, everyone had to do a double take. Now, fans reveled at the sight of Lil Wayne and Drake sharing the same stage back in 2014, but to see Drizzy & Cole, artists who emanated from the same draft class to team up for a summer move, would be fantastic.

For years, these two artists have been pitted against each other. With Drake being dubbed the Jay Z of the modern era to J.Cole’s Nas, pundits and fans have searched for a myriad of reasons to match these two up. Despite everyone clamoring for a heated exchange between these two megastars, they forged a friendship in an industry where the only way to survive is at the expense of others. For years, J.Cole was chasing Drake. It was a matter of the tortoise and the hare, with Cole World working diligently to catch up to his contemporary. Three albums in and a platinum effort with his latest endeavor, Forest Hills Drive 2014, J.Cole isn’t the reticent emcee searching for validation.

He has arrived to the point where a tour with Drake doesn’t seem simply improbable, but imminent.

Drake performs on day 1 of the New Look Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park on July 3, 2015 in London, England

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With 2016 already consisting of scathing tweets and petty attempts from rappers to derail one another, these two emcees are bringing their respective collectives in OVO and Dreamville centerstage for the world of music to appreciate. Hip hop needs this to happen. We need a moment to lodge away in our memory banks.  We need a moment like this that’s seldom in an ultra-competitive culture.

If you saw J.Cole’s Forest Hills Drive 2014 documentary, you saw the elation of the crowd when Drake and Cole were together.

There was no hate. There was no animosity. It was just two men from different walks of life displaying sheer admiration for each other. This generation needs a game-changing moment. Why not allow this tour to be the one moment to stash away in the history books. Drake and Cole. Cole and Drake. OVO and Dreamville. Summer 16′ . Sounds good, doesn’t it? Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.