Do We Really Want A Fat Joe And Remy Ma Album?

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Earlier this past week, Fat Joe and Rema Ma revealed that they would be reuniting after over a decade to create a joint album for fans. The Terror Squad members have already created the body of work, and have even started filming a music video for one of the songs we can expect off of it. While it’s exciting to get some of that nostalgia for rap fans, the question really comes into play: are we here for a whole joint album?

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The album announcement

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Fat Joe spoke in a recent interview with Hip Hop Wired, revealing the news of the album with Remy, stating, “Me and Remy just wrapped up a new album. Just me and Remy. I’m super excited about that. The album is ridiculous. So we’ve been working musically like crazy.” It appears they’ve already started with the album rollout promotion, as they’ve been seen on set of a music video.

Why we may not want it

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While these two were once a force to be reckoned with when they went head-to-head on their “Lean Back” verses back in the day, it may not be something we want today. There’s no question that Remy and Fat Joe have proven to have bars, but the two haven’t made a hit song in quite some time. At this point, the two together would be running on nostalgic marketing, as opposed to fitting in with today’s sounds, styles, and content matter. However, the two could easily surprise us and give us a great album, but it may be overlooked simply for the fact that the expectations are those of the earlier Terror Squad era.