Do We Really Want A Lala And Timbaland Docu-series?

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Timbaland and Lala Anthony are coming together in the name of hip hop casting for a new docu-series with Leftfield Pictures. The producer and personality duo are giving us an unscripted series surrounding Face Time Agency, which is responsible for booking music video and hip hop fashion models. While it may seem like a cool concept, some aren’t sure whether they would be checking for a documentary from Lala and Timbo.


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What the documentary is about

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According to Variety, the docu-series from Timbo and Lala will be exposing “the cutthroat entrepreneurial side of hip hop with models, DJs and social media stars hustling to break through as fashion, music and media moguls.” Timbaland is the executive music producer on the docu-series, similar to his role on Empire, while Lala is signed on as an executive producer.

Information on its release

Timbaland attends the “Empire” Series Season 2 New York Premiere at Carnegie Hall on September 12, 2015 in New York City

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The CEO of Leftfield Entertainment commented on the two’s collaboration, revealing, “La La and Timbaland are perfect examples of what can be achieved when talent, determination and creativity collide with entrepreneurship. We’re thrilled to be in business with these two entertainment innovators to create a series that uncovers a unique, rarified faction of hip hop and provides a true soundtrack for the unpredictable journey toward fame and fortune.”