Does Chris Brown Really Have A Lean Problem?

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Chris Brown For iHeartRadio Live With Special Guest T.I. At The iHeartRadio Theater Los Angeles

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Chris Brown cryptically tweeted this week that TMZ was going to be publicizing a story about him, as they contacted his publicist, where they revealed that he has been developing an addiction to lean. Eventually, the story did come out yesterday, which sparked the conversation about whether he truly does have an addiction. Although he denied the entire story on his social media, stating that he is just ready to put out a great album, having a great time being a father, and is staying out of the way.

Although Chris Brown is the direct source shutting down the rumors, recent video footage may tell a slightly different story. Footage surfaced recently, showing Chris at the Pumpkin Patch with his friends and 1-year-old daughter, Royalty, where it looks as though they are drinking out of red cups. While that’s nothing new to TMZ’s story, there is footage, however, of someone walking towards him in another view that looks as though they are passing him some cough syrup.

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Chris Brown Lean

Source: TMZ

TMZ obtained some of the footage from his day at the Pumpkin Patch, and while Breezy may be denying the reports, it may just be a cover up on his part. Although he predicted the story being told, calling out TMZ before they published the story may be a harsh attempt to try and cover himself, making his side look more believable.

We may never know the truth, and as Lil Wayne used to say it, what’s in his cup is his business, but we can only hope that Chris isn’t bringing it around his daughter. We know that he has been making a lot of strides to improve his lifestyle since the birth of Royalty. He’s even won joint custody of her, and is working hard to make sure he can keep that without having to go through court. Do you think TMZ’s story might be right, or is Chris’ side the truth?

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