Does Jay Electronica Have Something in Common with Eminem

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While at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival this past Saturday (July 12), Jay Electronica says he is now free from drinking and drugging.

During an interview posted on REVOLT, Jay Electronica said, “I backslid for a while. Got into druggin’ and drinkin’ and smokin’, but now I’m back, reformed. All praises due to Allah.”

Jay Electronica was presented with Jay Z’s chain which bears the universal flag on it’s medallion after Jay brought the legendary Brooklyn rapper out during his set.


Courtesy: REVOLT Facebook

He was also in full F.O.I garb, complete with bow tie, while they joined him onstage.

“I just wanted to come out today, clean, sober, and with my family, taking control of my life, taking control of the game,” the rapper says.