Does Jay Z Use His Fame To Sign Athletes?

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Jay Z Roc Nation Sports

(Matt Rourke / AP)

Jay Z has a rubbed a lot of sports agents the wrong way and  a lot of speculation and allegations have been sent Jay Z’s way by fellow sports agents.  Is it because Jay is known for signing high-profile athletes?  Victor Cruz, wide receiver Super Bowl champion of the New York Giants, Kevin Durant, small forward of Oklahoma City Thunder and Geno Smith quarterback of the New York Jets are just a few of the many athletes Roc Nation Sports has acquired.

Jay Z Signing Kevin Durant


Rumor has it that Jay is known for approaching athletes before their contracts is up. Don’t get me wrong Mr. Carter is by no means the only agent to raise such suspicion, but due to how much weight his name holds he is more likely to make headlines than other agents. Throughout all the rumors and allegations Jay Z has kept a level head and continued to build the Roc Nation’s lineup by adding wide receiver of the New York Giants Hakeem Nicks.

Written By: D’Anthony Davis