Down For Hip Hop: Presidents Who Represent Us

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The election to nominate the next President certainly has a lot of us worried, as we watch Donald Trump climb to the top of many polls. While a shocking amount of America is vouching for the controversial entrepreneur to win the election, minorities and the hip hop community are worried about what would happen if that’s the case. Trump has made it clear that he is not supportive of the minorities in this country, and even has plans to try and remove them. We can’t help but look back and think of the times when there were Presidents, and even candidates, who have been on board for the rights of minorities in America.

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Check out the Presidents who represent us on the following pages.

Bill Clinton

Former US president Bill Clinton (L) wal

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Many like to refer to Bill Clinton as the real “First Black President” of the U.S. because he was very relatable to the black community. One article says that he has faced the “systemic environmental tendency where society demeans one’s accomplishments and latch onto any of their failures.”

President Obama

President Obama is physically our first black President, and while he does not recognize his race in his campaign, he does fight for those who are oppressed. He has spoken out on countless police shootings of innocent black teens, in which he referred to the fact that Trayvon Martin could have been his son.