Dr. Dre & Ice Cube Added To Suge Knight’s Murder Trial

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Dr. Dre & Ice Cube have been beefing with Suge Knight ever since their N.W.A. days, but it looks like the rivals are on the same team for once.

Dre and Cube have been added as defendants in the Death Row mogul’s murder trial stemming from his fatal hit and run. The family of Terry Carter, the actor who was killed by Knight, have added the N.W.A. biopic producers to the trial for hiring gang members to act as security for the film in an area of high gang activity.

Suge Knight has repeatedly claimed to have acted in self-defense after being attacked by gang members.

In addition, the Carters are also suing Tam’s Burger since the incident happened in their parking lot. Stay tuned for more information.