Drug Dealer’s Sneaker Collection Valued At Over $35K

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For one Massachusetts man, it was all good a week ago until…he got caught with more than $2,000 in prescription pulls, $5,300 in cash and a sizable sneaker collection valued at over $35,000.

As a part of an ongoing drug investigation, 27-year-old Derek Gomes was arrested for having a hefty stash of black market prescription drugs including a total of 65 Percocet pills, 100 Adderall pills, and 168 icy new kicks found in his apt., car, and storage unit valued at over $35K.

While having a nice sneaker collection isn’t illegal, he should of known, being flossy will make you a prime target — especially if you’re already a suspect. Like Hov said on “Lost One” “Too much flossing, Too much Sam Rothstein…”