Dwight Howard Brought A Loaded Gun To The Airport!

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Dwight Howard Caught At The Airport With Loaded Gun

Credit: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When not on the court trying to bring home a win for their team, many athletes are often the center of controversy, often filling up tabloids with their acts of stupidity. Recently for, NBA all-star Dwight Howard, he fell into the bucket of professional sports play that have fallen victim to idiocy. To be honest, we wouldn’t expect more from NBA player considering his reputation.

According to reports, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard (like a duba***) attempted to go through security at at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX with a loaded gun, a 26 9mm Glock to be exact. It’s also been reported that the 6’11 NBA player didn’t intentionally plan to board the flight with the loaded weapon, he just simply forgot. Talk about a typical Dwight Howard move!

Thankfully, for his sake Texas gun laws aren’t as strict as they are in other parts of the country. Law enforcement confiscated the firearm rather than arresting their home team’s starting center. The bigger question remains: do you think Dwight Howard really forgot the gun was in his bag? Even if, WTF was he thinking?

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