‘Empire’ Season One Finale Recap

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Empire screenshot

If you weren’t at home yesterday watching the super climactic season finale of Empire then you missed out! Luckily, we have both of the full episodes here for you to watch. There were so many great moments on last night’s season finale. Still, the best moment of the night was definitely the steamy cat fight between Luscious’ ex-wife Cookie (played by Taraji P Henson) and his current lady, Anika (played by Grace Gealy). We know who we were rooting for to win! The Empire season finale also left us asking many questions. Will Luscious be released from jail after being accused of the murder of Cookie’s cousin Bunky? What did Andre Lyon do with the body of Vernon Turner (played by Malik Yoba) and is he really dead? Will Jamal Lyon be the new king of the Empire dynasty? The finale left us wanting so much more! Watch the intense season finales, episode 11 “Who Am I” here and episode 12, “Die But Once” here. We can’t wait for next season to see how everything unfolds!