Eric Legrand Talks Friendship With Lil Wayne

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Eric Legrand, the Rutgers Defensive Linemen who was paralyzed during a game in 2010, has become a hero since his life changing injury. The spinal awareness spokesperson sat down with Complex and talks about how he’s adjusted to life and overcame all the odds. Legrand talks about his free Subway meals for lunch, not changing what happened to him if he could, meeting celebrities, and winning an award at the ESPYs. In addition, he talks about his experience befriending Lil Wayne. Watch the interview above.

“Lil Wayne that’s my boy right there, that’s my guy. The best part is when I first met him, he came up to me when Mack Maine said ‘that’s the kid from Rutgers.’ I remember he walked up to me and gave me the biggest hug and said, ‘you’re not only gonna walk, you’re gonna fly. I’m gonna fly, and we’re gonna fly together.'”