Fetty Wap Reveals Debut Album Cover

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fetty wap one eye car selfie

Source: Instagram @fettywap1738

Fetty Wap is dominating the clubs, streets, and airwaves like no other artist hip-hop has seen in a while. Not only is his current reign obvious in our culture, but numbers prove that he is the only ever hip-hop act to have his four first singles chart in Billboard’s Rap Hot 100 simultaneously. If those stats weren’t impressive enough, keep in mind the NJ native has done this all without dropping an album or mixtape yet.

Fetty Wap is signed to 300 Entertainment and plans to feed off of his most recent buzz by dropping his debut self titled album next month. The crooner with the catchiest hits just revealed his album cover, and let’s just say it takes full advantage of his iconic look.

Or should we say, eye-conic.

fetty wap album cover

Source: 300 Entertainment/Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap’s missing eye no doubt adds to his mystique and gives him a memorable image. His new album cover showcases him covering regular eye with a close up of his handicapped feature. This album might be one for the ages.

Fetty Wap drops September 25th and will feature all of the hits that have made the crooner an over night celebrity. Are you excited for this album? I don’t think Fetty will disappoint.

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