Fighting Words: Guess Which NFL Coach Says He Can Beat Up Any Coach In The League!

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Credit: Brett Carlsen/Getty Images 

The NFL is a man’s sport, in case you didn’t know. While the testosterone-driven sport takes a lot of energy from the players, coaches tend to partake in some trash-talking as well. Enter Rex Ryan. The Buffalo Bills head-coach went off arrogantly and spoke on his fighting skills during his press conference in lieu of his next game against the Miami Dolphins.

“Most times when I go across field I can whip most head coaches, but I ain’t whipping that one,” Ryan said laughing when talking about the Dolphins’ newest coach. “I’m not even trying to whip that one. He’s a big dude, man. I’m 52 years old. I’d like to see 53.”

The legend of Rex Ryan continues to grow, especially after this little nugget. Do you guys think Ryan can take down any coach in the league? Please make sure to SHARE with your friends.