Five of the Most Successful Hip Hop Moguls

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Hip hop is an interesting artistic format in that we don’t just look at a rapper’s skills on the mic, but their skills in business. Rap represents the American dream for many disadvantaged youths from the hood to the trailer park, and it’s fair to say that a rapper’s wealth is a part of the package. Here are five rappers who have made a name for themselves financially as well as artistically:

Jay-Z – $550 Million

Jay Z

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The story goes that when Jay was asked to showcase his skills to a record label rep, he refused to spit one line until someone was willing to put money in his hand. Hard headed, sure, but that’s why Jay remains one of the richest Black entertainers in history.

50 Cent – $270 Million



50 Cent hit the scene in the early 00’s with hot club hits like In Da Club, and has since branched out into books, movies, real estate and energy drinks. The hip hop mogul’s abilities on the mic are a subject of debate in some cirles, his ability as a businessman are not. On the set of Righteous Kill, it’s said that Robert DeNiro actually went to 50 for advice running his restaurant.