FOODIE FRIDAY: Munchery Makes Dinner Easy

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Munchery is a San Francisco-based food delivery service that has made its way to New York, completely changing the way we eat dinner on both our pockets and taste buds. Unlike a lot of other food and delivery services that will remain nameless, Munchery offers you more variety versus your typical Chinese and Italian go-to spots. The way it works is simple. Everyday a menu of gourmet dishes is posted to the site and prepared by renowned chefs at extremely affordably prices and if you refer friends with your code upon signing up, every times they eat, you get a free $20 credit. Yo, you can basically eat a gourmet meal that would prob run you $30-35, living in NYC for free, every time you refer a friend.

We here at HHMW have had the pleasure of trying just about every dish, because we sent out our code to all our hip hop affiliates and let’s just say free never tasted better!