Former NBA Player The First One To Speak Against Justin Bieber Racist Tapes

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We don’t know if he is doing it for the publicity  (being it came in the form of a freestyle), or if he’s really not too fond of the Biebs following the leak of two racist tapes last week.

Joe Smith dropped a 51 second video freestyling, taking shots at Justin Bieber where he states he’s a non believer or Bieber. 

He raps: 

“Age don’t matter and the tapes don’t lie, and them triple K members under capes don’t fly.

“One less lonely what?” he continues. “Leave it alone / Now 20 / Hope these lessons start changing your tone.”

Bieber was 14 years old at the time the leaked video was recorded.

Joe Smith has tried his hand at rapping before so do you think these are his true feelings, or a stab at gaining some publicity?