Ugandan Hospital Funded by French Montana Now Serving 300K Citizens

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Credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images

About a week ago, a man by the name of Denis Muwanguzi commemorated the one-year anniversary of a visit made by French Montana to Suubi Health Center – a Non-Government Organization dedicated to providing affordable medical services to the people of the Iganga district in Uganda, particularly mothers and children.

Soon after his visit, French put up $100,000 in support of the health center via the Mama Hope foundation, which spurred P. Diddy, The Weeknd, and Diddy’s vodka brand Cîroc to donate significant amounts to the foundation as well. Now, Suubi Health Center is serving a population of over 300,000.

French Montana made the decision to help the Suubi Medical Center after his trip to Uganda to shoot the music video for “Unforgettable” with a youth dance group called The Triplets Ghetto Kids. Back in April 2017, French explained the story of how he came across the group via Facebook:

”I was on YouTube listening to music from one of my favorite African artists Cheb Hasni and found this video of these kids dancing barefoot in the mud and on rocks. No complaining or pain just so much joy in the music and dancing. I watched with “Unforgettable” playing in the background and it hit me! Their moves went to the tempo and it was almost like God planned it! It inspired me to go find them in Uganda. My team and I searched and we found them.”

The Triplets Ghetto Kids are a group of kids from the ghettos of Kampala who all come from challenging backgrounds. They sing, dance, and act as a way to keep away from violence and other ills of the area they live in. Their work with French Montana gained them exposure to an international audience and helped create the #UnforgettableDanceChallenge, a social media trend that had tons of fans posting videos dancing to French’s track.

French Montana’s work in Suubi led to him earning the title of Ambassador for an organization called Global Citizen, whose main focus is to end extreme poverty in the world by 2030. In partnership with the organization, French intends for his work to influence world leaders to follow his example and enact similar change on a larger scale.

In late January, French Montana told TMZ that he plans to continue his philanthropy in Morocco. He did just that when he partnered with CARE Morocco to help provide access to better education and health care for the children of Casablanca, Morocco’s capital.

French also took the opportunity to film the music video for his track “Famous” while he was in Morocco. His work in Morocco hits close to home, literally: French Montana was born and raised in Morocco until the age of 13, when he moved to New York.

Hopefully, French’s actions will continue to influence leaders around the world and in hip-hop to help support those who need the most help in the world. You can help too, by choosing to donate to organizations like Mama Hope or, or getting involved with Global Citizen. Comment with your thoughts below, and SHARE this article!