French Montana Wants To Collab With Taylor Swift and Coldplay

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French Montana closed out 2014 by releasing a new mixtape. The rapper was in the mainstream spotlight for a majority of the year thanks to dating Khloe Kardashian and is poised to use his buzz to promote and put out new music. In an interview with XXL, talks about the mainstream spotlight, reality TV, newfound success, goals for 2015, and much more.

You’ve collaborated with a lot of people. Anyone you want to work with you haven’t gotten a chance to collaborate with yet?
I would love to work with Coldplay, Taylor Swift. I’m tryna see who else. You know, Max B again.

Have you guys kept in touch recently?
Yeah, he called me earlier today when I was sleep. I was gonna have him call me back now. That’s like my brother. We came from the same cracks, so definitely him.