Future’s Old Boss Wants to Ransack $10 Million From His Bank Account

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For the past year, Future quickly crescendoed his way up rap’s power rankings because of his ability to craft banger after banger. He has undoubtedly solidified himself as a top-tier rapper, especially after his album Dirty Sprite 2 went platinum earlier this week. Even though Future is now being lauded as a rap heavyweight, he is certainly facing more adversity than ever.

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Future’s Old Boss Rocko Wants $10 Million

Sucker Free On MTV Presents Rocko

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Before Future became a perennial superstar, he was merely a protege under Rocko. In fact, Future was signed to Rocko’s label A1 Recordings. Apparently, Rocko’s beef with Future stems from the fact that the “March Madness” star was under a six-album deal with his old label, but hasn’t delivered on his end.

Blame Epic Records

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After Future landed a deal with Epic Records, Rocko was forgotten in the wind and was stiffed out of the move. Originally, Epic signed on to simply distribute Future’s albums. Instead, Future elected to make a side deal with the label, which in turn, gave him a boatload of money in advances.