G-Eazy Uses Magazine Cover to Get Through Airport Security

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CREDIT: Instagram @g_eazy

Alternative Identification

The rise to fame has had many effects on G-Eazy’s lifestyle, but a free ride through airport security? The rapper was traveling with his girlfriend, Halsey, and seemed to have misplaced his wallet. As a last effort to catch his flight he displayed his new XXL Magazine cover as identification.

Gerald has been on cloud nine since the issue was recently released, posting shot of himself with a physical copy in hand. He describes it as “literally a dream”, with envisions of taking his career and passion to this level since he was a young kid. Apparently his pride was enough to get passed the airport security.

CREDIT: Instagram @g_eazy

Partners in Crime

CREDIT: Instagram @g_eazy

Halsey, who initially shared this incident, was slightly embarrassed by her beau using the “fame card”. She later on laughed it off in an interview and the couple couldn’t be a stronger item. Both started posting pictures together on Instagram earlier last September with serious #couplegoals. The pair have no problem publicly displaying their love and respect for each other. G-Eazy previously brought Halsey on stage to do a duet for his song “Him & I”, which she starred in the music video as well.

It Worked

CREDIT: Instagram @g_eazy

Even though Halsey cringed through the airport experience, she stands by her man. It’s safe to say there’s not many people who have a magazine with their face plastered on the cover handy as a backup ID. G-Eazy kept it short and sweet commenting to his scenario, stating “It Worked.”