11 Beyoncé Moments You Forgot About

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This Girl Runs the World

When you think Beyoncé, you think everything. That’s because she is everything and has done everything. There’s honestly nothing that I can think of that Beyoncé hasn’t done. From music to film to fashion, Bey is the business. She really runs the world. Now, I’m no member of the Beyhive, but I do know a legend when I see one and Beyoncé is that. You may still be reeling from her most recent album, Lemonade, or her recent world tour, but what about years ago when she was just reaching the height of her success? Do you remember her first movie? Or her ugliest moment? If not, I’ve got you covered.

Beyonce as Foxxy Cleopatra in Austin Powers in Goldmember (2002).jpg

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Here are Beyoncé's most forgotten about moments