112 Says Diddy Ganked Their Melodies And Dance Moves

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Is Diddy a thief?

112 stopped by The Breakfast Club today and, as always, Diddy was on the menu. In a wide ranging conversation that covered the Jagged Edge beef, the sound of ‘90s R&b and their current touring, the group found the time to talk about their former taskmaster.

Though Diddy brought the group up and put them on in the early ‘90s, they split with a huge amount of bad blood between themselves and Diddy in the early 2000s.

“We were a priority at certain times,” Daron Jones admitted to MTV at the time of their split. “But when you dealing with a label where the CEO is trying to be an artist also, it just leaves the question mark to where the focus is. If you put yourself in a situation where you have your own label and one day you decide to be an artist yourself, where would you spend your marketing and promotion dollars? It has been frustrating over the years trying to deal with that.”

They provided the proof of that in today’s interview. Mike of 112 said that Diddy jacked the melody of “DIDDY” from a song that the group was working on. Other members admitted that he stole their moves while they traveled on the Bad Boy tour.

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