12 Rappers Who Were Accused of Having HIV/AIDS

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The Monster is the real deal

AIDS and HIV were the scariest afflictions that you could contract in the 1980s. Though it was believed that people could only contract it through homosexual sex, people soon realized that anyone, anywhere can contract the deadly disease. It was considered a haunting ailment that meant you were a degenerate person. People even went so far to say that only bad people get AIDS: it could lead to a loss of your job, your friends and your family. Now, having HIV or AIDS is not the death sentence it was 30 years ago, people can live much longer than expected, and we know that anyone can contract it from unprotected sex or sharing needles. But these famous rappers were accused of carrying the deadly disease, and they came out fighting to prove that they did not have it.

Lil' Wayne And Fetty Wap Perform At Foxtail Pool At SLS Las Vegas

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