15 Best Hip-Hop Fashion Brands from the 90s

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Pioneers of hip-hop fashion.

I always say that the 90s were the best years to grow up. We had the best music, the best video games, and the best TV shows. When it comes to 90s music, we will forever remember classic artists like Tupac and Biggie Smalls, and groups like Wu-Tang and Mobb Deep. These artists were staples in 90s hip-hop history. Not only are they memorable, but so is their fashion. They were trendy and always rocking the latest hip-hop brands. From FUBU to Maritheé + François Girbaud, these brands helped pioneer hip-hop fashion.

Biggie Smalls wearing Karl Kani

Source: Instagram @the_notorious_big_1997

These were the best hip-hop fashion brands of the 90s.