15 Surprising Facts About Eminem You Didn’t Know

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The secret life of Slim Shady

Eminem came on the scene as a controversial lyrical madman, rapping about everything from being from a broken home on the wrong side of the train tracks in Detroit to becoming a rock star that the world loved to hate.

Now, he’s a proverbial “Rap God,” a massively successful entrepreneur mogul, and one of the most influential artists of the century. Though wildly successful, he’s maintained his “F*** society” attitude since day one, and continues to sign artists to his label based on skill, work ethic, and style: as opposed to regurgitating the same cookie cutter, one-hit-wonder, mumbling robot throat artists that the big labels love so much. Eminem does it all. He’s an ever expanding entrepreneur, a veritable rain man when it comes to A&R, and, of course, a music producer and vividly descriptive, lyrical rapper.


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These facts will change the way you look at the hip hop heavy hitter