2 Chainz Is Furious That Eminem Left Him Off ‘Revival’

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But is he really absent?

Eminem’s tracklisting for his new album Revival dropped on most of us to a resounding response of “So?” But one person who was all up in his feelings about the reveal was 2 Chainz. A snub on the new tracklist had him ready to off more than hair weaves.

2 Chainz was left off of the track “Chloraseptic” even though he’s been hyping the collaboration for months. After his initial recording he shared a picture of himself and Em to get fans excited. Earlier this morning, he shared the image again with the caption “Grateful for the opportunity, new music on the way!”

However, when the tracklist dropped, Tity 2 Necklace was nowhere to be found. He put his feelings into a concise three emoji series in a since-deleted Instagram post. Alongside the evidence of his snub he wrote “👀😡👊🏿,.”

Given the way that 2 Chainz reacted to some requests made of him in the studio, it’s possible that he got left off out of spite. The team behind the song wanted 2 Chainz to rap a hook written by Em and Chainz refused because he didn’t want to do someone else’s hook and miss out on publishing royalties.

“They want you to redo a hook that Em said and maybe some ad-libs,” said 2 Chainz in an interview with DJ Drama. “So I said I don’t redo hooks because I do my own hooks and I want my pub. And I said secondly, if you want my ad-libs I can send them, I do the same ones every time … I’m telling him, like, man, you know that’s cool, but I gotta do something.”

However, the rest of Chainz’ interview made it seem like there was nothing but love between the two rappers. Chainz left the studio with no doubts that he was going to be on Eminem’s new album. He said that the pair talked shop and that Em admired the unpredictably of his punchlines.

“He telling me basically, like, a lot of my metaphors give him anxiety,” Chainz said. “He never know what Imma say.”

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