21 Savage Calls Out OG Rappers for Judging Hip-Hop’s New Generation… T.I. Co-Signs

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21 Savage is joining the suddenly hot war between the generations. After Pete Rock and Waka Flocka went back and forth over old heads claiming that their generation was better, the “Bank Account” rapper felt the need to clear a few things up in a note he posted to Twitter.

“Why do so many of these ‘OG Rappers’ judge the new generation?” he wrote. “They say we make drug user music like making drug-selling music is better. What’s the difference?”

21 added that it’s hypocritcal of them to judge young artists drug habits when they had a few of their own back in the day.

“Artists been snorting cocaine and smoking crack since the ‘70s and ‘80s. Did y’all forget that?“ he asked.

Savage attend Xbox And Gears Of War 4 launch event at Studio No. 7 on October 10, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia

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