22 Rappers Name Their Favorite Rappers

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Who is your favorite's favorite?

A hot-button issue right now in hip hop is how people like Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty, and Migos are departing from a long-standing tradition of rhyme and changing the game. Some say the massive success of this new generation is hurting the future of hip hop with kids looking up to them as influencers. That’s an argument for an entirely different article, but one thing is for certain- newer rappers owe it all to the ones that came before them.

Everybody has their own top-5 of all time list, even those that are arguably in… everyone’s top-5. Obviously there are plenty of Kool G’s, Rakim’s, KRS-One’s, and Big Daddy Kane’s, but you might be surprised at who else gets mentioned in this slideshow.

Check out this gallery to find out who influenced who in this comprehensive list of “rapper’s rappers.” Who knows, maybe you’ll learn of a few new favorites yourself!

kanye west and jay z

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