5 Reasons Why We Won’t Miss Bow Wow Rapping

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Bow Wow will not be missed

When Jay Z uttered the word retirement, rap aficionados felt like a piece of them was gone. The Brooklyn rapper had a full-fledged retirement project in The Black Album, which served as his proverbial swan song. He even had a film to compliment his impeccable legacy in Fade to Black. You see, many rappers salivate for a fairy tale ending for their prestigious careers. Sadly, a lot of them won’t ever get that opportunity.

This past weekend, Bow Wow was the next rapper to reveal his desire to retire at the age of 29. When he made the announcement on Twitter, all we heard were crickets. Correction, all we heard was laughter and sighs of relief. We’re not trying to diminish the career of Shad Moss, but, quite frankly, we’ll always cherish Lil Bow Wow more than Bow Wow. Take a look at some of his not too pleasant moments on the mic.

Bow Wow

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Good Riddance