50 Cent Clowns TF Out of Jimmy Henchman

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Fif finally responded to Henchman's verdict

50 Cent remained surprisingly silent after Jimmy Henchman was found guilty of a murder-for-hire plot. Considering that the the pair have old-school bad blood and the case was wrapped around Henchman paying men in his drug-running organization to kill a G-Unit-affiliated man named who went by the name of Lodi Mack, we all thought Fif would have something to say.

Apparently, Lodi Mack and Tony Yayo smacked around Henchman’s son. So, he hired the men to kill Mack. He was quickly caught and charged with setting up the man’s death.

His first conviction on the murder-for-hire charges was overturned after his attorneys argued that a judge had limited their questioning during the trial. Though this is the second successful conviction of Henchman on these charges, his team plans to appeal.

Fif must have been busy because he didn’t reply to the conviction immediately. But rest assured, he’s on it. He just came out and wrote on Instagram that he thinks the incarcerated kingpin is a snitch.

“No your honor I have no idea who that was shooting back at jimmy Henchmen,but I do know that guy Jimmy’s a Rat 🐀. LOL,” he wrote.

50 cent wearing a suit

Credit: VALERY HACHE / Getty Images