50 Cent Gets Petty With Baby Mama… Tells Her She Better Get a Job When Child Support Ends

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He's got a history of being rude to her and her son

If you follow 50 Cent on Instagram, you’d probably think that he’s a great father. He’s got tons of photos featuring his pre-schooler Sire, who looks like the happiest kid on Earth.

Sire’s got a half-brother who was around when 50 was trying to come-up, and 50 seemed to care more about his career than that kid. Now that 50’s oldest son is a man, he’s ready to cut all ties with him even though he’s barely talked to him for the past few years. 50 Cent’s public feud with Marquise and his mother Shaniqua doesn’t make him look like a great dad.

Credit: Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

50 Cent is a good dad to his little one, but has disowned his grown son