50 Cent Makes Fun of Wendy Williams Fainting

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Really, Fif?

Whenever something bad happens to Wendy Williams, the celebrities who she has profited off of trash-talking see two paths laid out before them, high and low roads. How they choose to proceed says a lot about who they are as a person. So, you know when Williams appeared to faint during her Halloween special, 50 Cent was seeking the lowest altitude imaginable. Our favorite South Jamaican beef petty spent several posts mocking the host and hyping his bland comedy show 50 Central.

Things started out relatively tame. 50 posted a picture of himself on stage for his new shoes and joked that he was going to overheat in his costume, a reference to the excuse that Williams gave for her frightening episode.

“Happy Halloween Catch 50Central tomorrow night at 10:30 PM, I’m gonna over heat in my costume. LOL,” he wrote.

But Fif wasn’t done. He posted a video of the actual incident and accused Wendy of faking it.

“What is this?” he wrote under the video. “It just looks like bad acting to me. 👀LOL she said she overheated in her costume.”

Then he posted an edited version of the video that showed Wiliams collapsing several times to a beat.

“When you talk sh*t online and run into the person in real life,” the banner across the top of the clip said.

Williams explained after the collapse that she had overheated and later posted a photo of herself resting surrounded by Gatorade and Pedialyte. She returned to her show this morning. While she called the fainting “really scary,” she assured fans that everything is back to normal on her end.

50 cent wearing a suit

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