6 Explosive Beefs That 50 Cent Put to Rest for Good

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50 is a changed man

The beginning of 50 Cent’s musical career was wrapped around drama. 50 reveled in the thought of pouncing on hapless emcees for sheer amusement. He was always deeply entrenched in some kind of beef, simply because he enjoyed the thought of walking away unscathed. In the early 2000s, 50 undoubtedly provided a jolt back into New York rap because of his gangsta persona. It was a breath of fresh air. Ask anyone — he helped restore prominence to the city of Gotham. Now, years later, 50 is richer and wiser. He’s no longer salivating for beef, unless tested like his incident with Meek Mill, earlier this year. Other than that, he has been on his best behavior. Take a look at some of the beefs that 50 squashed over the years.

50 Cent and Cam'Ron

Image: @50cent/Instagram

50 is all grown up