Judge Gives 6ix9ine “One Last Chance” to Take GED or He’s Going to Prison

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6ix9ine’s sentencing over compromising photos of himself with an unclothed 13-year-old girl has been delayed yet again. The reasoning? The rapper can’t seem to pass his GED.

The completion of his G.E.D. was part of a plea deal that the rapper took to avoid jail time when he was brought up on charges related to the lewd photos. According to Jezebel, Judge Hon. Felicia Mennin wondered aloud why the rapper hadn’t completed his G.E.D. like he was required to under his plea deal.

“What’s the problem?” she asked.

“He’s struggled through it,” 6ix9ine’s attorney responded.

“This case has been happening since 2015,” said Hon. Mennin. “This is ridiculous.”

6ix9ine explained that he had passed all of the sections barring science and said that he would brush up on the subject and complete the test if given the chance. Mennin accepted 6ix9ine’s request to push his sentencing to April 10 but warned the rapper that he needs to actually get his GED if he wants to stay a free man.

“You may end up going in,” she warned.


Source: Instagram @6ix9ine_