A Rare Cash Money Documentary Shows Life Before Their Wild Success

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For when you get tired of watch 'Baller Blockin''

A rare Cash Money documentary from the days before their A-list ascendancy has been posted to the internet. The 40-minute doc takes an in-depth look at Cash Money before the group took over for the ‘99 and the 2000. While the heyday of the Hot Boyz has been well-documented, this look into the label before they exploded outside of New Orleans is well worth a watch.

The doc talks to B.G., Turk, Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh, and Juvenile as the artists head to Atlanta and Texas, spreading their sound the old-fashioned way. This was before Universal signed on to give the label a massive distribution network and a healthy injection of cash that the artists likely didn’t see. The video also includes label co-founders Slim and Birdman, who are currently being sued by some of the labels biggest stars for failure to properly pay royalties.

The documentary is a glimpse into the label when they were merely a wildly successful local label — still small enough to beef with cross-town rivals No Limit — and not a high-powered hit factory with Drake and Nicki Minaj on the roster. The material was all filmed before both labels would go through a spike in popularity, with only Cash Money finding a way to sustain the surge.

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