After Massive Loan, AEG Says Offset Is in Big Time Debt

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Offset might get his house snatched

Offset should consider himself lucky that he nabbed someone as successful as Cardi B, because he could be in some serious financial trouble in the near future. According to Bossip the rapper owes a ton of money to the events company AEG Presents, and the company wants Offset to know they plan to collect in whatever way they can.

The gossip website says that AEG has filed papers that show it has a claim on his property, his future income, his bank accounts and all of his trademarks, should he default on the loan they apparently gave him.

Bossip says they don’t know how or why Offset secured the loan from AEG, but notes that it could have been an advance on tour earnings that the rapper has yet to repay.

If Offset is stressed about the news, he’s not showing it. A quick glance at his social media finds the rapper celebrating the new compilation album by their label Quality Control and shouting out his mother.

offset on stage

Source: Instagram @OffsetYRN